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Server will be back in


Shaiya Ryzen:The Last Chapter Grand Opening 13 December 2021!
The Only And Real One Eposide 5 is Coming Back!13 DECEMBER 2021TOP DEDICATE HOST in Shaiya Community!TOP DDOS PROTECTION In Shaiya Community!TOP ... Continue »


Server Information

Shaiya Ryzen:The Last episode 5.4
3PvP Areas 15-30-70
Instant level 15-30-40-60
Kill rate:x1/x2 with BFR
150 slot raid
Boss Notice System.
Custom Equipments.
Custom skillsbar and skills.
Custom kills 2b maxed.


Get 15 Sp every hour online
Get 500 Sp for oKS a PvP Boss
Kill streaks .. Check out
Top 60 PLayer Weekly Reward
Run every 24 hours your Free Wheel

Boss Timer

Boss Name Killed By Respawn In

Top 10 Weekly Killers

Character Faction Kills